Wednesday, November 11, 2015

October 2015 Top 10 Pink Zebra Sprinkles and Soaks!

Top 10 selling Pink Zebra Sprinkles and Soaks for Oct 2015

You love them and you made them a top 10!! See all the options when you click the pic and with the Sprinkle recipes that can be created the possibilities are endless!
 Pink Zebra Oct 2015 Top 10 Sprinkles and Soaks
October Sales
       Jar Sprinkles
1Pumpkin Bread
2Candied Cinnamon Apple
3Crisp Apple
4Southern Pecan Pie
5Pumpkin Amber
6Farm House Cider
7Toasted Marshmallow
8Cranberry Balsam
9Winter Woods
10Aspen Pine

      Carton Sprinkles
1Pumpkin Bread
2Farm House Cider
3Pumpkin Amber
4Toasted Marshmallow
5Winter Woods
6Cinnamon Spice
7Warm Apple Pie
8Aspen Pine
9Oak & Bourbon
10Amaretto Cream

1Pumpkin Amber
2Winter Woods
3Warm Apple Pie
4Aspen Pine
5Stone Washed Denim
6Relax-Lavender Vanilla
7Fun & Flirty
8Air Care +
9Crisp Apple
10Stress Relief

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