Saturday, May 2, 2015

Why My Car Dealer (and their clients) LOVE me!!

Car dealers want.. no... NEED their cars and trucks to smell nice. Scent is so powerful, sometimes that can be the difference between a sale or no sale.

Pink Zebra Soaks are PERFECT for all cars or trucks.. but if you have a business where you sell them... they could be HUGE for you!!

Think about it.. the difference between your car and the dealer down the streets car could be that cute little Pink Zebra or Hoof hanging from the rearview mirror... or that smell that gets the buying impulse going.

I personally have a Pink Zebra AND a Hoof hanging from my rearview in my truck.. but you could use one or the other.  There are several scents to choose from  including Beach Breeze, Napa Leather, NEW CAR, Stone Washed Denim, Relax, and Macho Man.... plus many more.

So... why does my car dealer love me?? SALES have increased... You're welcome.
Oh, this is the same reason why my Real Esate agent loves me.. but that's another story.

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