Wednesday, May 27, 2015

96 Hr Carton Sale!

Who loves stocking up on their favorite cartons? Save 15% on select cartons through May 31! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Gorgeous Light House Simmering Light Shade (candle warmer)- Perfect for Ocean/Beach Lovers!

Pink Zebra Light House Ceramic Simmering Light Shade

This Light House shade is stunningly gorgeous! What a beautiful way to warm your favorite Pink Zebra Sprinkle scent to decorate your home while filling your home with your favorite scent.

The natural charm of this Light House is reminiscent of coastal living and perfect for those who love or live near the beach or ocean.. or even lake lovers!

Order your favorite color Simmering Light base and liner (blue is gorgeous) to place your Light House shade over and pick your favorite Sprinkles like Night Blooming Jasmine, Beach Breeze or combine different scents to personalize your fragrance.


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Who said SALE? Pink Zebra Business Kit Special

Join Pink Zebra - Business Kit is on SALE!!

Woo hoo! For the next few days join Pink Zebra for as little as $79 bucks!
This is what you've been waiting for so DON'T WAIT!

CLICK The pic to join now or message me for a Career Plan

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Patchouli and Sandalwood Candle Scents

Patchouli and Sandalwood Candle Scents

Sandalwood and Patchouli  candle scents have long been a favorite with candle lovers.

 Pink Zebra's Patchouli and Sandalwood scent is described as :   Exotic patchouli softened with sandalwood and has become a customer favorite.

You can use it alone or mix it with another Sprinkle scent like Night Blooming Jasmine to create a scent perfect for YOU.

IF you love burning candles, use in our Glimmer Glass DIY Candle kits... for warming, use in our Simmer Pots or Simmering Lights Collection.

Patchouli and Sandalwood have been such a big hit, that we have expanded your choices!
Available in jars , cartons , Naked Reeds or our New line of Soaks for taking your favorite scents in your car, office, gym bag  , etc. 





Fresh Laundry Linen Candle Scents

Fresh Laundry Linen Candle Scents

One of my favorite parts of doing laundry is the scent of freshness... must be lots of others favorites since Fresh Laundry and Linen candle scents are one of the most searched for. The great thing about Pink Zebra's scents are that they can be mixed with other scents until you get the perfect scent for YOU!

Some love the  smell of Green Tea & Lemongrass mixed with Stone Washed Denim, others love Stone Washed Denim mixed with Powder Puff .. but you can create  your own perfect fresh laundry scent... Visit my website and either choose the Flip thru catalog, Fragrances tab which shows descriptions of each or if you're ready.. Shop now!  Use your favorite scent alone or mix with one or two others. IF you love burning candles, mix them in our Glimmer Glass DIY Candle kits or for warming, use in our Simmer Pot or Simmering Lights collection.

That's why Pink Zebra is known for personalizing the fragrance that welcomes you home.





Thursday, May 14, 2015

Celebrate Paisley's BDAY with FREE GO CARDS

Happy Birthday to Paisley!! AND to celebrate we're giving YOU a gift!
CLICK the pic to shop and claim yours now!

Pink Zebra Beaded Bee Hive Simmering Light Candle Warmer

Just in time for Spring and Summer! Perfect for nature and bee lovers!
Beaded Bee Hive Shade with Queen Bee Hanger (5'' d X 6'' h)

The warm glow of this gorgeous hive shade of vintage hand beading and its regal Queen Bee will warm up your living spaces.
Change the liner, change the look. See how it is a completely different look with the black liner below in the second pic


Turquoise Waters Pink Zebra Candle Sprinkle Scents and Soaks on the Go!

Love Turquoise Waters? Turquoise Waters Sprinkle scent is perfect for outdoor or beach lovers. Turquoise Waters fragrance description is Relax, Sit back and inhale the ocean's surf and sand. You can have this fresch scent in your home .. use it in our Glimmer Glass diy candle kit with wicks to burn it, in our Simmer pots or Simmering Lights to warm it, or in our Naked Reeds and now.. even enjoy it on the go with Soaks!


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Custom Personalized Graduation Gift

Give your graduate the most memorable gift with this completely customizable Simmering Light! Only $25! 
Top it off with any of our 50+ Sprinkle scents that will fill any home, office, or dorm room with an amazing fragrance.

Monday, May 11, 2015

JOIN PINK ZEBRA FOR FREE, 50% or 25% discount!! HURRY!

 NEW! Join 72 Hr. Special
Act fast as this special is only valid through May 14! 
Check out this special that is here only for a few days. Up to 250 new Consultants may be rewarded a discount!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy #CincoDeMayo!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Why My Car Dealer (and their clients) LOVE me!!

Car dealers want.. no... NEED their cars and trucks to smell nice. Scent is so powerful, sometimes that can be the difference between a sale or no sale.

Pink Zebra Soaks are PERFECT for all cars or trucks.. but if you have a business where you sell them... they could be HUGE for you!!

Think about it.. the difference between your car and the dealer down the streets car could be that cute little Pink Zebra or Hoof hanging from the rearview mirror... or that smell that gets the buying impulse going.

I personally have a Pink Zebra AND a Hoof hanging from my rearview in my truck.. but you could use one or the other.  There are several scents to choose from  including Beach Breeze, Napa Leather, NEW CAR, Stone Washed Denim, Relax, and Macho Man.... plus many more.

So... why does my car dealer love me?? SALES have increased... You're welcome.
Oh, this is the same reason why my Real Esate agent loves me.. but that's another story.

VISIT my website to bring home your favorite!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Pink Zebra brings Rich Teakwood and FREE Designer Purse, Find out how!

May is here! So excited because that means that summer is just around the corner. May is bringing us a rich new scent...
Transport yourself to an exotic vacation, relaxing in a cabana as the surf ebbs onto the beach. This fabulous fragrance is available only through PZ and is only $8 for a BIG jar of Sprinkles.
rich teakwood
Been thinking of joining us? Between now and May 11, the first 350 new consultants to join us will get this gorgeous purse from famous designer Bobby Chandra... a $175.00 value!! Imagine this on your arm and being able to tell where you got it!
may join
This is just the beginning of May ... who knows what special little sales or specials PZ has in store for us??!!
Talk to you next month!
(IF you are signed up on my website as a VIP customer, PZ automatically sends you info on specials/sales so there's a chance you'll get 2....Let me know if you do!)
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