Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ATTN Realtors: Great idea for home showings and closing gift. Your clients will remember you!

So.. as a former Realtor (yes, I make more with Pink Zebra than I ever did as an agent and its stressfree )
one of the things my fellow agents were always looking for was something to help their home showings and a great way for their clients to remember them.  The answer is Pink Zebra!

How does Pink Zebra help with home showings?

Well, as you and I know... first impressions are crucial and most homebuyers make the decision within seconds of entering a home. Something mentioned time and time again is the smell or lack of. Scents are so important and can leave a lasting impression. I know when we sold our home, it was right before Christmas and we heard it over and over again.... it's a terrible time to sell. Well, guess what?? We sold our home the same week we listed it to the first person.  At closing, the girl said.. My mother in law was with me when we came to your home and we remembered yours out of all the others we saw that day. She said to tell you thank you for the Christmas music and whatever you did to make your home smell amazing... we kept going back to that when trying to decide.. we kept thinking of the house that smelled so good.

Alot of agents also have problems selling vacant homes. There's no life in them.... no scent... and you can't just plug something in because most of the time there's no electricity on.

Pink Zebra offers many options for fragrancing.... Simmer Pots and Simmering Lights for gorgeous decor items .. just plug in and it will fill the air with your favorite scent like Warm Apple Pie. There are even custom Simmering Lights you can create with your business information on them or  your clients new or old home pic.

For flameless fragrancing... The Naked Reed Diffusers are perfect! Just fill with your favorite Soak scent (or just like with Sprinkles, mix two or more scents to create a custom one).

Closing gifts are also a great way to stand out in your clients mind. Most just leave with paperwork and don't remember you for much ... so a gift is an extremely inexpensive way to say Thank you and Congratulations on our new property.
Pink Zebra comes boxed in Pink Zebra gift boxes and include quote cards so they're ready to give.. you can even order from the website and have them mailed directly to your client. OR you can create a cute little basket and display them in it with a reminder that you love referrals!

Order directly from my website any time or contact me with questions!

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