Sunday, April 26, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas Image
Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mothers Day Gift Idea special bundle from Pink Zebra

Did you get your VIP email?? IF you haven't signed up , you missed it: Send Mom love with the Diva Bell Shade and Antique White Simmering Light for $65 and we will add a FREE 3.75 oz. Jar of Beautiful Bouquet Sprinkles (a blend of Lily of the Valley, Stargazer lilies and aromatic green leaves - an $8 value). Diva Bell Shade measures 6.25d x 10.5h inches. Hurry!! Valid thru April 24

 Mothers Day Gift bundle special

ATTN Realtors: Great idea for home showings and closing gift. Your clients will remember you!

So.. as a former Realtor (yes, I make more with Pink Zebra than I ever did as an agent and its stressfree )
one of the things my fellow agents were always looking for was something to help their home showings and a great way for their clients to remember them.  The answer is Pink Zebra!

How does Pink Zebra help with home showings?

Well, as you and I know... first impressions are crucial and most homebuyers make the decision within seconds of entering a home. Something mentioned time and time again is the smell or lack of. Scents are so important and can leave a lasting impression. I know when we sold our home, it was right before Christmas and we heard it over and over again.... it's a terrible time to sell. Well, guess what?? We sold our home the same week we listed it to the first person.  At closing, the girl said.. My mother in law was with me when we came to your home and we remembered yours out of all the others we saw that day. She said to tell you thank you for the Christmas music and whatever you did to make your home smell amazing... we kept going back to that when trying to decide.. we kept thinking of the house that smelled so good.

Alot of agents also have problems selling vacant homes. There's no life in them.... no scent... and you can't just plug something in because most of the time there's no electricity on.

Pink Zebra offers many options for fragrancing.... Simmer Pots and Simmering Lights for gorgeous decor items .. just plug in and it will fill the air with your favorite scent like Warm Apple Pie. There are even custom Simmering Lights you can create with your business information on them or  your clients new or old home pic.

For flameless fragrancing... The Naked Reed Diffusers are perfect! Just fill with your favorite Soak scent (or just like with Sprinkles, mix two or more scents to create a custom one).

Closing gifts are also a great way to stand out in your clients mind. Most just leave with paperwork and don't remember you for much ... so a gift is an extremely inexpensive way to say Thank you and Congratulations on our new property.
Pink Zebra comes boxed in Pink Zebra gift boxes and include quote cards so they're ready to give.. you can even order from the website and have them mailed directly to your client. OR you can create a cute little basket and display them in it with a reminder that you love referrals!

Order directly from my website any time or contact me with questions!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

DIY Gender Reveal Candle Kit- Perfect for baby showers!

DIY Gender Reveal Candle Kit

What you need:
Glimmer Glass Candle kit
White Sprinkles
Pink or blue for center

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mason Jar Glimmer Glass DIY Candle Kits

Pink Zebra Mason Jar Candles

Our Mason Jar Glimmer Glass kits are a big hit! So cute and so much fun to  make.
Place the wick inside, add your favorite Sprinkles scent or mix 2 or more Sprinkle scents to create your own custom , unique Sprinkle recipe fragrance.

Pink Zebra Mason Jar Glimmer Glass DIY Candle Kit image pic
Pink Zebra DIY Glimmer Glass Candle Kit

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pink Zebra Soaks Car Freshener

Just one of the ways to use our new Soaks line!
Try them and you'll be hooked!

Soaks are HERE and so is the April Special. Join now and earn FREE SOAKS!

Pink Zebra April Join special and Free Soaks image

Pink Zebra Launches Soaks! Go-Cards

Pink Zebra Launches Soaks - Naked Reeds

They're HEEEEERRRREE!! Pink Zebra New Soaks Launch - Instructional

Pink Zebra Soaks

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Root Beer Barrel Sprinkle Recipes

BIG hit with customers! Mix with other Sprinkles to create unique Sprinkle Recipes  like these:

Pink Zebra Root Beer Barrel Sprinkles Recipes Image
Pink Zebra Root Beer Barrel Sprinkles Recipes

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

FREE SPRINKLES with purchase of Terra Cotta Frog

Terra Cotta Frog and a Free Jar of Sprinkles(#4009052)
This delightful Terra Cotta Frog Glimmer Candle Container will hop to the top of your home and outdoor decor favorites! Your Terra Cotta Frog comes with 2 jars of Green Tea & Lemongrass Sprinkles (one is FREE)this is a $31 value for only $23!

free sprinkles sale with purchase  image
FREE Sprinkles SALE w/Purchase

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming!

teacher appreciation week gift ideas pic
Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What are Pink Zebra Soaks??!!

Seriously, I want to know what your guesses are!

New product category coming April 12.... Soaks!!!
What in the world are they??!!

Comment with your guesses!

Pink Zebra Soaks Image
Pink Zebra Soaks

Monday, April 6, 2015

Mothers Day Gift Idea and SALE!!! LIMITED time

Give mom a gift she'll love from Pink Zebra! LIMITED Time special~
Simmer Pot (1 dish) and 2 jars of Sprinkles for $40 
Comes in eyecatching Pink Zebra stripe boxes with cute little quote cards!
New product category coming April 12.... Soaks!!

Contest Time!! Play and Win

‪#‎CONTEST‬ time! Soaks is coming April 12, GUESS what they are and‪#‎WIN‬ 25% off!! READY... GOOOOO
Correct guesses entered into a drawing and winner chosen at random.
Playing on my facebook page now:

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Are you a VIPZ? Specials and Sales Just for YOU!

Love candles and home decor? Become a VIPZ (very important Pink Zebra ) customer and get notified by email first of all specials and sale events! FREE to join, just Become a customer on my website and fill in your info or email me to add you with I'm a VIPZ in the subject line .

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mulberry Pucker Sprinkle Recipes

Favorite Mulberry Pucker Sprinkle Recipes

Pink Zebra Mulberry Pucker Sprinkle recipes image pic
Mulberry Pucker Sprinkle Recipe Ideas

Unique Fragrancing Options and Closing Gifts for Real Estate Agents

As you know one of the best-known secrets for making a home sell is to have that down home feeling and smell; the way to a customer’s heart is not only through their eyes, but their noses. Until now the easiest way to get that smell was to light scented candles. While lighted candles do add ambiance, they can be a hazard when left unattended. Not to mention once the open house is over and you are packed up and ready to go you must wait for the candle to cool down before you can take it with you.

I’d like to let you in on a couple of new and safer alternatives. Pink Zebra (PZ) has a NO MESS reed diffuser system.  PZ’s reed diffusers are pre-soaked and fast acting.  They are perfect for any room where you want all day fragrance without the worry of an open flame.  Once the fragrance starts to dwindle away you simply re-seal the container, flip it over let the reeds re-soak up the oil for a few minutes; tip back right side up and they are good to go again; you never have to touch the reeds with your hands – NO MESS -.   They are a no dye formula and have natural reed sticks; with the fragrance lasting 3 – 5 months.  Take it with you to each of your open houses and when you are ready to leave just simply put the lid back on, drop it in your tote and you are off to your next showing.


 A second flameless method to consider is a simmering pot.  With a simmer pot you simply pour some sprinkles* in the top of the simmer pot and in no time the smell of your fragrance will travel though out your homes space.  The simmering pots are glazed ceramic electric pots that work with an on/off switch; again there is no open flame to have to be concerned with.

*Pink Zebra Sprinkles are super concentrated beads that contain high quality fragrance oils and premium Soft Soy wax (made right here in the USA) blended together.  This insures that our Sprinkles will deliver up to 50 percent more fragrance then an average candle. There are more than 46 scents to mix and match to create an irresistible and inviting atmosphere. Simmer pots range from $22-$32 and jars of sprinkles are $8.00 for a 3.75 oz. jar.


Pink Zebra Sprinkles can also create a memorable closing gift for your clients new home and they’re sure to refer you to  friends and family. You can select the items you want for them.. whether it’s soap, lotion and caddies for their kitchen or bath or simmer pots, simmering lights or reed diffusers for their new home… Create a Welcome Home gift basket or leave them in the eyecatching Pink Zebra print box.

For more information  feel free to contact me.
Thank you for your time….…From an ex Real Estate Agent to you..
I look forward to working with you.

Misty Reynolds
Sprinkle My Candles
Independent Pink Zebra Executive Consultant

Find me on Facebook at

Pink Zebra Comp Plan

Pink Zebra Comp Plan

So I get asked alot about the Pink Zebra Comp Plan..

There are six (6) ways to earn as a Pink Zebra Consultant.Choose one or all: SELLLING PHASE 1. Minimum Base Commission – 25% base commission (retained from Party Sales) 2. Enhanced Personal Commissions – additional 5% to 10% commission (paid monthly) MANAGEMENT PHASE 3. 7% Sponsoring Bonus (paid monthly) 4. 3% Team Level Bonuses, four levels 5. 2% Mentoring Bonus (paid monthly) EXECUTIVE PHASE 6. Three levels of Generation Bonuses totaling 7% (pd mthly)

Pink zebra comp plan  image pic
Pink Zebra Comp Plan