Saturday, December 6, 2014

Join Pink Zebra

Wanna know why you should Join Pink Zebra?

So you want to know what can be in it for you if you Join Pink Zebra.

Well.. let me just tell you that if you are looking for a real way to earn real income with a home based business.. you really look at this company and the career plan to see if it would be a good fit for you.

I'll just touch on a few basics because once I get started talking about how awesome this company and the products are, how many friends I've made, how I've grown as a business owner, and what it's doing for my family..  I could talk for days!

Here's just a few basics... With Pink Zebra, you can earn 25%-35% commissions based on your sales.. and unlike some other companies.. you can receive your consultant discount when you order not after the fact.. for me that's BIG!   To add to the incentive trips, custom boots, Pink Zebra jewelry and more..we have many new additions coming.
There are so many ways to share the products, opportunity and run your business:

I'd love to welcome you to Pink Zebra! When you join with  my team, you will be  added to some awesome support groups on Facebook for tips, advice, pics, Sprinkle Recipes and more. All the training you need for your business is in your back office where Pink Zebra gives you videos, written information and makes everything EZPZ to run your business. You decide where you want to go.. Do you just need additional  income? Would you love to be the owner of a fun home business you call the shots for? How would it feel to change your family's lifestyle?

Would you like to see the career plan? Message me and I'll be happy to send it!

Still wanna see what's possible??

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