Saturday, November 29, 2014

Holiday Recipes!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pink Zebra Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, Tennessee, Colorado, Kentucky, California

Our team is expanding and we would love to show you what Pink Zebra can offer YOU and your family. We are expanding our customer and team base in all U.S. states including Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, California, Mississippi, Georgia, North/South Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico.

Do you have the opportunity for promotions, rank advancements, trips, incentives, jewelry, custom boots, awesome friends, lots of fun while you work, and FREEDOM????


Message me for a career plan and take  a look! The only thing missing in our team is YOU!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Black Friday SALES Pink Zebra Style

Don't miss out on our Black Friday Pink Zebra SALE

 Pink Zebra Black Friday Sale

 Pink Zebra Black Friday Sale

Monday, November 10, 2014

Direct Sales Candle Company

The Best Direct Sales Candle Company 

So, you hear people ask... what is the best direct sales candle company?
Well, I can tell you that I did my research.... I'm very picky when it comes to my candle and scents so I researched the products out there.  You want to join to create a great income or retirement right? So I researched the comp plans. You don't want to go broke trying to keep up with quotas.. so I made sure that I would use at least that much on my own.

After all the research I did ... I came up with Pink Zebra!!! They had scents I couldn't find anywhere else.. they let me warm or burn my candles, MY CHOICE!  I get to play with Sprinkles and create new Sprinkle recipes. I can help with wedding candle bars, gender reveal candles, making memorial candles.. it really is limited by your imagination only.

Our name is starting to get out and I get people asking if I'm in their area.. as much as I 'd love to Sprinkle the world on my own.. I need help! I need team  members in all states. Are you ready to join the herd?
Do you have any questions? Please contact me and I'll be happy to help !


Best direct sales candle company image
Best Direct Sales Candle Company

Sunday, November 9, 2014

*How to Become a Pink Zebra Consultant*

*How to Become a Pink Zebra Consultant*

So, for those who've never been in direct sales, sometimes I get the question.. How do I become a Pink Zebra Consultant?

Unlike starting a business or a candle business from scratch, joining Pink Zebra is fast way to jumpstart your business. It's so simple to become a Pink Zebra Consultant.... 

You choose the business kit you want to start with

Then, you should order some business cards and start getting the word out that you are a Pink Zebra consultant... that's it! Wow, was that simple??!!

You get a website for your business where you can send people to place orders online or to become a Pink Zebra consultant just like you did!

Ready to become a Pink Zebra consultant?
We'd love to have you as one of the herd!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Christmas holiday decor- Is YOUR home ready??!!

I love Christmastime! People seem nicer, and there's so much nostalgia in the air you can just smell it.
It's such a beautiful time of year for reflection. And.. getting your home dressed its best for the holiday season is so much fun! Here are some ways Pink Zebra can help .. whether its fragrancing your home with the smell of Aspen Pine (great for those with artificial trees) or decorating with the perfect present... See which ones you want to bring home today!


Great Gift Ideas! Holiday Shopping guide

Need some gift ideas? Pink Zebra makes perfect gifts to give locally as well as send long distances.

Order from the website and have it shipped right to their door!
Comes in pink zebra striped boxes with quote cards that will always bring a smile


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Awesome time to Join Pink Zebra!

Ready to Join Pink Zebra??!!

This is an awesome month to join our fast growing Pink Zebra team!

 Join Pink Zebra

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nov. New Scent and Specials... Better than FREE??!!!

November is bringing us a new scent just in time for the holidays and an awesome special for those who've been waiting to join... Ever think of going to Jamaica??

Also, if you missed our Antler shade.. it was a huge hit and sold out FAST!
It's coming back this month.. Don't miss it this time! Great gift idea