Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pink Zebra Sprinkle Samples

Have you tried Pink Zebra? Sprinkle Samples!

So, from time to time I have people ask about smelling Pink Zebra before they buy... and from time to time I do send out Pink Zebra Sprinkle Samples to those who've never had the privelege to smell or see Sprinkles in person.

The first time I ever tried Sprinkles ... was when my kit came! I had looked for years for a campfire scent, and when I found out they had it ( Light My Fire) and that I had the options of burning, warming and could create custom scents with Sprinkle  Recipes.. I knew I would love it!

I'm VERY picky when it comes to my candles and scents... and it takes an amazing product to make me be a loyal customer and I will tell you that it costs $8 bucks to try one jar of Sprinkles and you will NOT be disappointed!  

So, visit the website and pick your favorite or pick two to create a Sprinkle Recipe... and then I want to hear from you on how much you love it!! Don't stop there, you HAVE to try the soaps and lotions.. they are ultra luxurious.

I'd love to hear from you.. get in touch!


Pink Zebra Sprinkle Samples Image
Pink Zebra Sprinkle Samples

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