Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gender Reveal Candles are a HUGE hit for baby reveals

Gender Reveal Candles

Wow, they are a huge hit! Using Pink Zebra Sprinkles and Glimmer Glass kits you can make Gender Reveal Candles to let your family and friends know if it's a boy or girl! 

Gender Reveal Candles Image
Gender Reveal Candles

Monday, July 28, 2014

*Pink Zebra Rustic Lodge

Love the Rustic Lodge look and decor? Pink Zebra can help!

I LOVE the outdoors, and all nature has to offer so I'm ecstatic about the options Pink Zebra offers!!
Not only the Rustic look, but also the scents like Light My Fire which smells like a mesquite campfire... ahhh.. I could smell that all day.

Check out the options Pink Zebra has to offer .. CLICK THE PIC!

Pink Zebra Rustic Lodge Image
Pink Zebra Rustic Lodge

*Pink Zebra can get you to Jamaica*

  Pink Zebra Incentive Trip is to.... JAMAICA!!

Ever dreamed of going to tropical places for a getaway? Did you know.... that as a Pink Zebra consultant doing what you love and sharing awesome home fragrancing candle sprinkles that YOU could earn a trip to ... JAMAICA and other tropical getaways???

Already have a job? No worries, many start out doing it part time , it's easy to make it a part of your everyday daily life .. You work YOUR hours, and earn the money YOU deserve!

Climb  up the ranks at your own pace... slowly or get there fast!

CLICK THE PIC to join me in Pink Zebra 

Pink Zebra Jamaica Image
Pink Zebra JAMAICA 

*Pink Zebra San Antonio Texas Reunion*

Pink Zebra is coming to San Antonio Texas!

Pink Zebra's 2015 Reunion will be in San Antone! Last one was held in Nashville Tennessee!
Don't miss the fun, CLICK THE PIC to see how you can have your own home candle business with Pink Zebra

Pink Zebra San Antonio Texas Image
Pink Zebra San Antonio Texas


WHAT??!! Pink Zebra is having a VERY LIMITED TIME Giveaway!

ATTN to all my customers and facebook fans:

Pink Zebra Home is having a giveaway that ends tomorrow!!

Visit my facebook page for info:


Saturday, July 26, 2014


Want to be one of the first to get all the latest Pink Zebra News, Products, Scents, Specials each month??

Join my VIP newsletter and it will come straight to your email mthly.

Never know what goodies may be in there...


*Awesome time to Join Pink Zebra*

Join Pink Zebra in August and SAVE!

Do you love candles and home decor?
Would you like your own home candle business OR to get yours at a discounted price?

This is a great time to Join Pink Zebra and save on your business kit and get a bunch of Pink Zebra goodies

Join Pink Zebra image
Join Pink Zebra

*Outdoor Decorating with Pink Zebra Living Lanterns*

Decorate your outdoor space with Pink Zebra

I love being outdoors and sometimes peoples patio space could use a little help to be honest. Your outdoor space should be an extension of your personality and somewhere you enjoy being so don't leave the decorating out of your outdoor space!

Outdoor decorating Living Lanterns image
Outoor decorating Living lanterns

*Party and Celebration Decor Pink Zebra Style*

Pink Zebra Party and Celebration Decor

Looking for ideas for your party or celebration? Pink Zebra has all the decor and fragrances you need to make your event a hit!

Parties and Celebration Decor Pink Zebra  image
Party Celebration Decor Pink Zebra Style

*Decorate for Halloween Pink Zebra Style*

Pink Zebra Decor for Halloween

Halloween and Fall are some of my favorite times of year. I love the smell of pumpkin bread, apple cider and the other scents of the season. Decorating with pumpkins and haunted houses are huge hits this time of year.

Here's just a few ideas to decorate for Halloween with Pink Zebra and fragrance your home while decorating.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pink Zebra Texas*Pink Zebra Louisiana

*Pink Zebra Texas* Pink Zebra Louisiana

Not only is Pink Zebra's home office in Texas but so am I! Originally from my homestate of Louisiana, I'd love to have my team full of my two home states. I have a growing team with people from several states and this is where we're currently needing consultants, still wide open!

Consultants needed in many states!!!

Pink Zebra Alabama
Pink Zebra Alaska
Pink Zebra Arizona
Pink Zebra Arkansas
Pink Zebra California
Pink Zebra Colorado
Pink Zebra Connecticut
Pink Zebra Delaware
Pink Zebra Florida
Pink Zebra Georgia
Pink Zebra Hawaii
Pink Zebra Idaho
Pink Zebra Illinois
Pink Zebra Indiana
Pink Zebra Iowa
Pink Zebra Kansas
Pink Zebra Kentucky
Pink Zebra Louisiana
Pink Zebra Maine
Pink Zebra Maryland
Pink Zebra Massachusetts
Pink Zebra Michigan
Pink Zebra Minnesota
Pink Zebra Mississippi
Pink Zebra Missouri
Pink Zebra Montana
Pink Zebra Nebraska
Pink Zebra Nevada
Pink Zebra New Hampshire
Pink Zebra New Jersey
Pink Zebra New Mexico
Pink Zebra New York
Pink Zebra North Carolina
Pink Zebra North Dakota
Pink Zebra Ohio
Pink Zebra Oklahoma
Pink Zebra Oregon
Pink Zebra Pennsylvania
Pink Zebra Rhode Island
Pink Zebra South Carolina
Pink Zebra South Dakota
Pink Zebra Tennessee
Pink Zebra Texas
Pink Zebra Utah
Pink Zebra Vermont
Pink Zebra Virginia
Pink Zebra Washington
Pink Zebra Washington DC
Pink Zebra West Virginia
Pink Zebra Wisconsin
Pink Zebra Wyoming

Pink Zebra Texas*Pink Zebra Louisiana Image
Pink Zebra Texas*Pink Zebra Louisiana

Fall, Pumpkins, Candles and Pink Zebra's!!

I love Fall, Pumpkins and Candles! 

I'm so excited that we're not that far away from Fall. It's my favorite season of the year. Falling leaves, crisp air, holidays and Candles!! Pink Zebra gives me so many ways to decorate my home and fragrance it with scents of the season and holiday favorites to bring back the best memories. Can't wait to have my home smelling like Pumpkin Bread.
Take a look at some of our newest items for Fall/Winter 2014... don't wait to get your favorites, they're limited time!

Fall, Pumpkins and Candles Image
Fall, Pumpkins and Candles

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

*Starting A Candle Business- Pink Zebra Style*

Considering Starting A Candle Business?

So, you'd love to start a home candle business but not sure where to start...

I have a love for candles and home decor but had no idea what steps were involved. When I started seeing how involved it is in creating your own from scratch.. I wanted to a candle business that would I could step right into.. where the hard work had been done and all I had to do was share the awesome products I loved with others and help them decorate and fragrance their home.
Pink Zebra allowed me to do just that in a short period of time and I've never looked back! My home smells amazing and the stylish , high quality products are always getting noticed.

So if you want to start a candle business, consider Pink Zebra!

Start a Candle Business Pink Zebra Image

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pink Zebra Pumpkin Bread Sprinkle Candle Scent and Sprinkle Recipe

Pink Zebra's Pumpkin Bread Sprinkle Recipe

I'm sooo glad that PZ brought back Pumpkin Bread!! It was a huge hit and a customer favorite.
I love Fall, October, Halloween .. the leaves falling, the crispness in the air and I love my Pumpkin Bread Sprinkles. I wish you could scratch and sniff the screen!! Just take a deep breath and think about what fall and baking pumpkin bread smells like and you have Pink Zebra's Pumpkin Bread Sprinkles. YUMMM

Ready to start creating your Pumpkin Bread Sprinkle Recipes in your house?

NEW Pink Zebra Fall/Winter 2014 Scents and Returning Favorites

Pink Zebra Fall Winter 2014 Scents- NEW and RETURNING

They're here!! Time for our Fall/Winter/Seasonal lineup of NEW and Returning favorite Pink Zebra scents and I'm thrilled to share them with you!!

NEW 2014 Fall Winter Pink Zebra Scents Image
NEW 2014 Fall Winter Pink Zebra Scents

Returning 2014 Fall Winter Pink Zebra Scents Image
Returning 2014 Fall Winter Pink Zebra Scents

Monday, July 21, 2014

SHHH...SNEAK PEEK.. NEW Fall/Winter 2014 Pink Zebra Scents and Products...

I'm sooo excited!! They're almost here and you can get a sneak peek on my facebook page...


Sunday, July 20, 2014

*Pink Zebra Business Kit Special- Limited Time!!*

SAVE on your Pink Zebra business kit for a limited time!

I have some of you who have been waiting for this... .Here you go!

Pink Zebra Business Kit Special Image
Pink Zebra Business Kit Special

Saturday, July 19, 2014

*Pink Zebras are running loose in Nashville Tennessee*

THIS is it, it's here!! Pink Zebra's 2014 Reunion is on in Nashville this weekend!
Full of awesome product releases, maybe some favorites returning and our Pink Zebra Fall / Winter Catalog Release!!
CHECK out all the Brand New Pink Zebra Fall/ Winter products HERE tomorrow!!

Pink Zebra Nashville Tennessee Image
Pink Zebra Nashville

Monday, July 14, 2014

Don't miss it! June-July 2014 Pink Zebra Business Kit Special

Don't miss it! June-July 2014 Pink Zebra Business Kit Special

Summer is in full swing and with Pink Zebra's Business Kit Special there's no better time to join!
Join now and receive a FREE pack of 2014-2015 Fall/Winter Catalogs and 2 sampler packs!

Pink Zebra Business Kit Special Image
Pink Zebra Business Kit Special

July Pink Zebra Paisley's Fragrance Pick of the Month- Root Beer Barrel

Pink Zebra Fragrance of the Month - July 2014

Ah, the smell of childhood... Root Beer Floats.. bring back memories? That's what this July's Pink Zebra Paisley's Pick of the  month does with Root Beer Barrel!  Make Root Beer Float Sprinkle Recipes and bring back the aroma of childhood~

Pink Zebra July Fragrance of the  month Root Beer Barrel Image
Pink Zebra July Fragrance of the month- Root Beer Barrel