Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lavender Candle Scents

Lavender Candle Scents

 Love the smell of Lavender? Try Pink Zebra's Relax Sprinkles.. a relaxing scent of lavender and vanilla. Create all new scents like spa day using Sprinkle Recipes .         ORDER your Relax here:

Lavender Candle Scents image

Lavender Candle Scent

*Laundry and Linen Candle Scent*

Fresh Clean Laundry and Linen Candle Scent  

Love the smell of fresh laundry? Try Pink Zebra Stone Washed Denim Sprinkles. Great for mixing and matching and create a new scent with Sprinkle Recipes. ORDER Stone Washed Denim here:
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Fresh Clean Laundry and Linen Candle Scent image
Fresh Clean Laundry and Linen Candle Scent

*Best Chocolate Candle Scents*

Best Chocolate Candle Scent

 Love Chocolate candles? Try Pink Zebra's chocolate whoopie pie AND you can mix and match with other Sprinkles to create recipes     ORDER yours here:

Best Chocolate Candle Scent Image
Best Chocolate Candle Scent

Thursday, January 16, 2014

NEW Pink Zebra Fragrance for January


Paisley's Punch will transport you to a refreshing tropical paradise. It is composed of sweet and tangy cherry, orange, berry and pineapple, and touched with fresh blackcurrant and lime. The ultimate refreshment!

Each month Paisley will pick a brand new fragrance! The fragrance will be available in a 3.75 oz jar format, for the remainder of the catalog period. New fragrance coming EVERY month!! 

New Pink Zebra fragrance Paisley Punch image
NEW Pink Zebra Fragrance Paisleys Punch

Monday, January 13, 2014

Tips for pots and pans

So, this post got a lot of attention on my facebook page. IF you don't currently follow me on facebook,.... I share tips and other information that I think my fans may love because it's a tip that has helped me.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

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