Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Realtors Closing gifts, Home Sales Help, Advertising and more!


I had a great testimony from a Realtor!!

Thank you so much for sharing Pink Zebra with me! I make a cute little housewarming basket with reed diffusers, sprinkles, lotions, soaps and caddy, and simmer pot or simmering light for my clients and have had others contact me and want to work with me for THAT reason!

I also have the custom photo simmering light in my office with my information on it and people comment on it constantly. My office smells better than anyone elses, lol.

I have used different scents to help with home sales and have people commenting on the home that smelled so good.

I will recommend to all my Realtor friends how much Pink Zebra has helped my business and I'm sharing it with so many people and having customers ask me where to get more that I think I may have to join for an additional income stream, lol. The commission is alot higher than what I get.

pink zebra realtors closing gifts image
pink zebra realtors closing gifts

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