Sunday, June 16, 2013

Secret to selling your house~ Pink Zebra! ATTN: Real Estate agents or FSBO

Secret to selling houses!

As you know one of the best-known secrets for making a home sell is to have that down home feeling and smell; the way to a customer’s heart is not only through their eyes, but their noses. Until now the easiest way to get that smell was to light scented candles. While lighted candles do add ambiance, they can be a hazard when left unattended. Not to mention once the open house is over and you are packed up and ready to go you must wait for the candle to cool down before you can take it with you.

I’d like to let you in on a couple of new and safer alternatives. Pink Zebra (PZ) has a NO MESS reed diffuser system.  PZ’s reed diffusers are pre-soaked and fast acting.  They are perfect for any room where you want all day fragrance without the worry of an open flame.  Once the fragrance starts to dwindle away you simply re-seal the container, flip it over let the reeds re-soak up the oil for a few minutes; tip back right side up and they are good to go again; you never have to touch the reeds with your hands – NO MESS -.   They are a no dye formula and have natural reed sticks; with the fragrance lasting 3 – 5 months.

The reeds come in 3.75 oz. bottles                                                                 $ 18.00 each

          Green Tea & Lemongrass                                                   Spiced Vanilla
          Honeysuckle Hugs                                                              Stone Washed Denim
          Island Coconut                                                                   Sweet Pea & Lily
          Orange Dreamsicle                                                             Tropical Mango
          Patchouli Sandalwood                                                         Turquoises Waters
          PZ 1                                                                                  Vanilla Crème
          Red Delicious Apple

A second flameless method to consider is a simmering pot.  With a simmer pot you simply pour some sprinkles* in the top of the simmer pot and in no time the smell of your fragrance will travel though out your homes space.  The simmering pots are glazed ceramic electric pots that work with an on/off switch; again there is no open flame to have to be concerned with.

*Pink Zebra Sprinkles are super concentrated beads that contain high quality fragrance oils and premium Soft Soy wax (made right here in the USA) blended together.  This insures that our Sprinkles will deliver up to 50 percent more fragrance then an average candle. There are more than 46 scents to mix and match to create an irresistible and inviting atmosphere. Simmer pots range from $22-$25 and jars of sprinkles are $8.00 for a 3.75 oz. jar.

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