Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pink Zebra Light My Fire Sprinkle Recipes

Pink Zebra Sprinkle Recipes with Light My Fire

Light My Fire

pink zebra home Light My Fire Sprinkles image
Pink Zebra Light My fire sprinkles

Light My Fire! smells of mesquite wood crackling in the fire.

Light My Fire! is available in the following products:
Sprinkle Jar 3.75 oz - $8

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Recipes for Light My Fire!:
All recipe ingredients call for equal parts unless otherwise specified.

Fire and Rain - Gentle Rain, Light My Fire!
Newlyweds - Light My Fire!, Sweet Pea & Lily
Red Hot Lover - Cinnamon Spice, Light My Fire!
Ropin' & Wranglin' - Light My Fire!, Turquoise Water
S'mores - Light My Fire!, Napa Leather, Spiced Vanilla, Vanilla Creme
Toasted Marshmallow - Amaretto Cream, Light My Fire!, Toasted French Bread, pinch of Vanilla Creme
Up in Smoke - Light My Fire!, Powder Puff
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