Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Join Pink Zebra Home SPECIAL THIS MONTH!! Become a Pink Zebra Consultant


So you want to join Pink Zebra but you can't decide on which kit to purchase. 

We have 2 kits to start you off, each is a GREAT value! 

Our Pink Zebra Starter kit is just $74 and is a great value, see below for the contents. This is the kit I started my Pink Zebra business with. It has enough to get you started, and you can always buy more at your discount to add to your kit! If you have the cash and want more then go for it! Buy the Pink Zebra Deluxe Kit. It comes with a great zebra print handbag as well as zebra print luggage bag to tote all your fabulous pink zebra products in at your parties!

What is in the Pink Zebra starter kit? on sale for $74
Pink zebra kit image
Pink Zebra Kit

Your Pink Zebra Starter Enrollment Kit gives you everything you need to get your business started for only $99 (value is $200)on sale now for $74: 48 fragrance samplers, Re-sealable Reed Diffuser, Simmering Lights Base & Frosted Liner, Paisley Design Metal Shade, 11.5 oz. Square Flare Candle, 2 assorted jars of our exclusive Sprinkles, Glimmer Candle Kit, 4 assorted tester lotions, order forms, catalogs, Quick Start Brochure, Opportunity Brochurer, Party Invitations, New Consultant Guide, and PZ Sample Business Card Order Form

Pink Zebra deluxe kit was $199 now on sale for $174
pink zebra consultant kit image
Pink Zebra Consultant Kit

The Deluxe Pink Zebra Enrollment Kit shows you mean business and at a value of $425 you can't beat this deal – your price $199 on sale for $174 – what are you waiting for? 48 fragrance samplers, Re-sealable Reed Diffuser with Bling, Simmering Lights Simmer Base & Frosted Liner, Crackle Clear Glass Shade, 11.5 oz. Square Flare Candle, 2 assorted jars of our exclusive Sprinkles, 16oz Carton of Bulk Sprinkles, 6pk Diva Petite Glimmer Candle Kit, 4 assorted tester lotions, Pink Zebra Ball Cap, Pink Zebra Handbag, Pink Zebra Rolling Suitcase, order forms, catalogs, Quick Start Brochure, Opportunity Brochure, Party Invitations, New Consultant Guide, and PZ SampleBusiness Card Order Form

Join PINK ZEBRA. Sell Pink Zebra Soy Products, Lotions, Soaps and other home fragrances! We sell both wicked and flameless candles! Get paid on the products you sell at your parties instantly, no waiting on checks. Company paid merchant fees to accept credit cards, company paid hostess program. Lots of incentives, earn free ipads, trips,cash and much more. Fundraising program. Pink Zebra offers so much to it's consultants. 

Do you want to get in on a truly
ground floor business opportunity?

Do you need a flexible schedule that works from home?

Do you want extra cash?

Do you like to be recognized for your achievements?

Do you want Free Product? 
Then we are a perfect match!!! 

Change Your
Fragrance, Change your Life. Join Pink Zebra

Join My Pink Zebra Candle Team,
Sell Soy Candles, Sprinkles, Diffusers and More!

Amazing new scents, sprinkles,diffusers, simmering lights and more. 

Pink Zebra Home. Ground Floor Opportunity!! 

New Company Get in NOW!!
Consultants needed in many states!!!

Pink Zebra Alabama
Pink Zebra Alaska
Pink Zebra Arizona
Pink Zebra Arkansas
Pink Zebra California
Pink Zebra Colorado
Pink Zebra Connecticut
Pink Zebra Delaware
Pink Zebra Florida
Pink Zebra Georgia
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Pink Zebra Illinois
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Pink Zebra Kentucky
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Pink Zebra Massachusetts
Pink Zebra Michigan
Pink Zebra Minnesota
Pink Zebra Mississippi
Pink Zebra Missouri
Pink Zebra Montana
Pink Zebra Nebraska
Pink Zebra Nevada
Pink Zebra New Hampshire
Pink Zebra New Jersey
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Pink Zebra Ohio
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Pink Zebra Oregon
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Own your own business
Pink Zebra provides an opportunity to own your own business for under $200, where you can achieve income, rewards, incentives, and personal
growth based on the time commitment that works for your life. Are you looking for a new career, Pink Zebra offers a ground floor opportunity, where you have the opportunity to develop a team anywhere throughout the United States, and earn a leadership income. Being on the ground floor, means you are
first to share the Pink Zebra products and opportunities with people who have never heard of Pink Zebra. Are you just looking for a part-time opportunity and income? 

Pink Zebra can provide you with a perfect fit allowing you to work around your schedule and earn a great part time income. 

Benefits of Pink Zebra:
Over $375 in product and supplies in your enrollment kit to support your business for only $154. Over $1,200 in FREE products in your first 90 days. Your own personal website. Training through your own training portal. 25% base + another 10% based on your personal sales. A strong career plan that pays you a 7% bonus on those you sponsor + 2% mentoring bonus + leadership commissions each month. Support from the home office and your upline.
Joining is simple

Choose your enrollment kit starter kit or deluxe kit. both are a great value. I started with the starter kit!

Home Candle Business Image
Home Candle Business