Monday, May 6, 2013

Top Pink Zebra Candle Scents

Top Pink Zebra Candle scents (Year to date): 

Pink Zebra Candle Scents Image
Pink Zebra Candle Scents
#1 Beach Breeze – an aroma deep in sea spray, and Spanish moss, iconic Florida Sprinkles. 
#2 Cake Batter – beater licking good. 
#3 I Love Watermelon – we love summertime watermelon. So refreshing. 
#4 Totes Cherry! – it’s totally cherry! 
#5 Grape Popsicle – a frosty frozen, juicy grape popsicle mess! 
#6 Coffee Buzz – perk up with the aroma of fresh brewed coffee.
#7 Strawberry Sass – a bright, juicy, sweet fruit that is good with anything. Blend away! 
#8 Honeysuckle Hugs –twining, climbing vines with the sweetest flower that hummingbirds can’t resist. 
#9 Sweet Pea & Lily –big, bold & beautiful bouquet of sweet pea blossoms and soft lily. 
#10 Amaretto Cream – creamy vanilla and golden amaretto.
#11 Orange Dreamsicle – ice cream filled, orange sherbert popsicle.
Pink Zebra Sprinkle Scents image
Pink Zebra Sprinkle Scents
#12 Stone Washed Denim – clean and pure, fresh out of the dryer.

#13 Tahitian Lime – pucker up & enjoy a paradise treat of tangy lime and Tahitian sea salt. 
#14 Island Coconut – a tropical oasis of fresh coconut and tropical blossoms.
#15 Fresh Raspberry – sun ripened raspberries hanging on the vine.