Saturday, April 27, 2013

Zebra Candles

Zebra Candles

Pink Zebra Candles are extremely versatile and there's one for every style of candle lover. Whether you love flameless or tradtional flames.. Pink Zebra Candles offers something for everyone from Simmer Pots, Simmering Lights, to Glimmer Glass with wicks.

Zebra Candle Custom Candle

Pink Zebra Sprinkles; Make your own candle
Glimmer Glass Renaissance
Pink Zebra offers many different styles of jars called Glimmer Candles.  They come in  different sizes and include the premeasured wicks.  
The largest is the Renaissance Glimmer Glass and takes 2 jars of Pink Zebra Sprinkles to fill it.  It comes with one glass jar and three wicks to be able to reuse the candle.  This would make a wonderful centerpiece on a dinner table, or at a wedding reception.  This could also be used as a Unity Candle by using 2 different colors of Sprinkles instead of combining 2 different colors of sand.
princess petitePink Zebra Candles also offers  the Petite 6 packs.  These take 1/3-1/2 a jar of Sprinkles to fill each.  They come in a 6 pack of jars and wicks.  There are 5 different styles to choose from including a martini glass, brandy glass, and coffee mug style.  This style is perfect for candle bars at weddings or for birthday parties where kids can create their own custom candles in jars!

Zebra Candle Scents

Once you have decided on what type of jar you want for your candle, picking a fragrance scent is next on your list!  With Pink Zebra Sprinkles, there are 51 different fragrances to choose from which does not include the countless ways to mix them together to create your own!  If the candles are for an event, such as a wedding, the bride can pick the colors based on what matches with the decor.  If the candles are being used as a gift, decide on something that you think the person receiving it would love in their home.
sprinkle fragrances blogThere are six different groups of fragrances to choose from.  You can combine anything from each of the fragrances that will compliment each other wonderfully!  Once you have decided on the fragrances, simply put the wicks in the jar and pour in the Sprinkles!  No melting of wax and chances of burning yourself in the process!  And also, no mess to clean up after!
So next time you want to put together a thoughtful gift for a friend or for your next event and want to make a custom candle in a jar, think of Pink Zebra  candles to create the exact fragrance and look you are going for!  Browse through the complete selection of Pink Zebra Candles!