Saturday, April 13, 2013

What is Pink Zebra Direct Sales?

What is Pink Zebra Direct Sales Company

So, you've seen the eye catching Pink Zebra print packages, the cute wax Sprinkles.. but just What is Pink Zebra??!!  

Pink Zebra, the first direct sales candle company to have introduced the revolutionary wax sprinkles, was pleased to announce its new direct sales business opportunity, which is open to all interested consultants in the United States. Officially launched as a direct sales company in September 2011. Tom and Kelly Gaines, who had previously worked with one of the biggest candle manufacturers in the industry, started Pink Zebra in their own homes. Eight years later, they were able to pool together enough funds to purchase the candle manufacturing company they previously worked for and launched Pink Zebra as a direct sales company. 

Pink Zebra offers interested consultants an opportunity to start their own candle business in direct sales. 

 Pink Zebra was proud to announce their HEROES program. The program helps support single moms by donating a portion of home party sales to daycare.“As founders of Pink Zebra we are most proud of our new charity. HEROES will help and support single moms throughout the United States by giving them one day of daycare from every $500+ party.” Said company founders Tom and Kelly Gaines. “Our goal is 1,000,000 days of daycare over the next 10 years” they added. 

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What is Pink Zebra?

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