Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pink Zebra Scents Fragrances

Unique Pink Zebra Scents Fragrances

Pink Zebra Scents are amazing and so unique! I searched for years for a candle that smelled like a campfire.. seriously! I can't tell you how excited I was when I found Pink Zebra scent Light My Fire!!

 I carry them in my purse everywhere I go and to the post office to mail and it never fails.. I always have someone say ...Ok, I have to ask.. what is you have in there that smells so good?  That makes sharing Pink Zebra scents and sprinkles so easy. 

Pink zebra has Floral Scents, Exotic Scents, Gourmet Scents,Bakery Scents, Fresh Scents, Fruit Scents, and Woods Scents.

Here are some of  Pink Zebra Scents:

Stone Washed Denim
Light My Fire
Gentle Rain
Cake Batter
Coffee Buzz
Stress Relief
Beach Breeze
Turquoise Waters
Gentle Rain
Vanilla Musk
Moroccan Spice
Napa Leather
Silver Driftwood
Warm Apple Pie
 and so many more!!

Pink Zebra Scents Image
Pink Zebra Scents