Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Join Pink Zebra and become a Pink Zebra Consultant

Proud to be a Pink Zebra Consultant

Pink Zebra Consultant

Lovin' the PZ and so proud to be a Pink Zebra Consultant! Shop with me online from my Pink Zebra Catalog or Join Pink Zebra and become a part of one of the fastest and hottest companies in direct sales!

So proud to do my part to help American Soy Farmers and to help moms with Free days of daycare with our Heroes program. LOVE going to work everyday.. I mean.. after all.. it's Sprinkles!!!

Pink Zebra Consultant Image
Pink Zebra Consultant

MAKE MONEY WHILE PARTYING WITH YOUR FRIENDS!! Becoming a Pink Zebra Consultant is easy and there are so many benefits. Pink Zebra is still a ground floor company that opened in direct sales in September of 2011 and just hit 5,000 consultant mark in February 2013!! The company grew 7,000% in 2012. Pink Zebra Consutlants are like an extended family willing to help each other with questions and advice.

Benefits of Being a Pink Zebra Consultant

You get a 25% discount on products for yourself!  You can use that discount to buy products to have on hand for sales or to use  yourself.  This also means you make 25% commission on everything you sell.  If you reach a certain level of sales in a month, you get an extra 10% commission paid the next month. Pink Zebra gives you a replicated website to use with all your personal info for you to use for your sales.
When you become a Pink Zebra Consultant, you get constant training.  There are weekly videos to help with all aspects of your business for the first 12 weeks.  Within your team, there are weekly team calls from the Managers within the company that discuss what has worked for them and different tools to help you start your business and build your foundation to success.  There are a TON of Pink Zebra Consultant Facebook groups for all your support, any questions you may have or ideas  to help with your business.
If you decide to grow a  team, you will earn a commission from each person’s individual sales.  With $400 a month in sales, you qualify to make 7% of your recruit’s sales.  The more you grow your team, the more you can promote and ultimately make more money!
Within your first 90 days, there are opportunities with your sales to earn Pink Zebra Dollars!  With $2,500 in sales within your first 90 days (broken up into 3 different time frames), you can earn $350 Pink Zebra Dollars to use towards products to have on-hand or towards business items such as catalogs and testers.  When you sponsor 3 people within your first 90 days and they hit $500 in sales, you can earn $225 Pink Zebra Dollars ($75 for each person).  That’s a total of $575 Pink Zebra Dollars that you can use to buy products to sell!!  (*comp plan may change)

Requirements to become a Pink Zebra Consultant

There are 2 different kits you can purchase when you become a Pink Zebra Consultant.  The first kit is $99 and includes $90 worth of products, the fragrance samples (valued at $105), all your paper supplies such as catalogs, order forms, party invitations, and other brochures (valued at $35).
The larger kit is $199 and includes $126 worth of products, the fragrance samples (valued at $109), all your paper supplies such as catalogs, order forms, party invitations, and other brochures (valued at $35) a Pink Zebra logo hat, Zebra print purse and rolling suitcase. (*kit contents may change)
There also is a $9.95 monthly fee to pay for your back office, which is your ordering hub as well as keep your website up and running.  This is easily paid for by selling just 5 jars of Sprinkles a month!  You need to have this set up in order to do all your ordering and remain active.  To remain an active Pink Zebra Consultant, you have to sell $150 worth of products in 6 months... which I did my first day before my kit even arrived!!  If nothing else, this could be used for gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day and any other holiday.
If all of this sounds like it could help you make your dreams come true, then Join Pink Zebra today to start on your journey!  Becoming a Pink Zebra Consultant has changed my life and is one of the best decisions I have ever made!