Monday, April 1, 2013

Pink Zebra Candles

Pink Zebra Candles for Home Fragrance

Pink Zebra’s custom soft soy wax “Sprinkles” make gorgeous candles.  Did you know that you can create you own candle with our Glimmer Candle kit?  Yes, Pink Zebra Sprinkles can be used for more than just in your warmer.  Many people love the idea of using warmers in their homes and Pink Zebra has the best scent fragrances that you can use in any warmer that you currently have (although we do sell our own warmers too!), but on the flip side many people still prefer to burn candles in their homes.

Also, per the NCA, the most important factors that affect the purchase of candles are scent, color, cost and shape. Let’s look at these “purchase factors” a little closer, and how Pink Zebra stands out in these categories.
1.  Scent –  Pink Zebra candles and sprinkles are made from a soft soy wax blend with the finest fragrances. The scent is very powerful and is stronger than regular paraffin wax and will last longer too!
2.  Color –  What’s your favorite color?  Pink Zebra probably has that color available or you can be creative and mix and match the sprinkles to come up with your custom color/scent!
3.  Cost –  One jar of Pink Zebra sprinkles is only $8 (not including tax/shipping).  The prices for the pre-made candles are only $16 before tax/shipping.  Very reasonably priced, and for the amount of burn time they have and the amount of scent they produce they are just awesome!
4.  Shape –  Did you know that with Pink Zebra sprinkles you can almost make a candle out of anything?  Try pouring your Pink Zebra sprinkles into a wineglass, add a wick and there you go, your own custom candle.  Martini glasses work too!  Small floral vases can be used to create your own custom candles as well!  There are many possibilities in how you can use your sprinkles to make a candle.

Pink zebra candles

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