Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spa Candles with Essential Aromatherapy Oil

Soothe and Rejuvenate

Fragrances have long been thought to heal the body and to soothe and calm the spirit.  Ancient civilizations from India, China, Egypt, Rome and Greece all understood and used therapeuticfragrances as part of their religious rituals as well as celebrations, but they were mainly reserved for the upper classes.  What is more important is that all of these ancient societies had knowledge of the healing properties of spa or aromatherapy fragrances.
In our society today, Spa fragrances have become affordable luxuries. Spa candles have evolved from basic aromatherapy. Now, not only do we use them to relax, recharge, and invigorate our spirits, but we also want to use them for home d├ęcor.
We “travel” to day spas to indulge in massages, facials, body wraps, etc. and most if not all spas are burning candles to set the mood.  Fragrances like lavender bring about a sense of relaxation and calm, eucalyptus and mint uplift us and help us to de-stress, and currant and vanilla when combined heighten our sense of romance and sensuality.
 You will find our essential aromatherapy oil infused spa products to be just the thing you need to escape life’s daily grind. Whether you use our Spa sprinkles, Glimmer Candles, mini jar candles or bask in the soft glow cast from our unique Pink Zebra Glass Candle Lanterns – you will find yourself transported to a place of calm serenity.    Go ahead treat yourself to affordable luxury. You deserve it!