Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pink Zebra Reed Diffusers

Resealable Reed Diffusers

Presoaked and resealable for your convenience!   

Looking for a way to fragrance a room all day long, hassle-free?

Try Pink Zebra's Fragrant Reed Diffusers! They are simply natural sticks that wick up fragrance oils, and then continuously evaporate into the air.
Pink Zebra took innovation a step further: our patent pending idea has the sticks pre-soaking in the bottle of fragrance waiting for you to use. It’s ready! Simply open the top lid and enjoy.
Hey Hostess and consultants
The resealable lid is awesome to help you cleanly carry Pink Zebra’s reed diffuser with you to parties for demonstration and smelling many fragrances. Its easy to sell products they can touch and smell first hand.
AN extra design element is the resealable lid. It refreshes the sticks without touching them and dripping the oils on your counter. All you do is replace the cap securely and flip the bottle over.  Voila, they are refreshed and ready to use again with no mess…and your manicure will still look fabulous!