Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pink Zebra Candles Consultant

 Pink Zebra Candles consultant

It’s amazing how fast Pink Zebra is growing.  The company only has about 4,500 consultants nationwide, so it’s still very much a ‘ground floor’ opportunity!  A perfect chance for you to be one of the first in your area!
Join with us and let us help you build your Pink Zebra business!

Pink Zebra is available in the United States, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii! Be one of the first consultants in your area to bring the joy of Pink Zebra sprinkles!! Each order includes a cute little saying that will brighten someones day. Great gifts! You can order from my online catalog or join Pink zebra now!

Decorative candle fills and accessories

The magic of a candle has been in history for centuries and its purpose ranges from a breath of emotions to the need for everyday light. In modern time, we have added the delightful difference ofFragrance to give us even more reason to use them everyday, for all occasions.
The team at Pink Zebra has been working in the candle & home fragrance industry collectively for over 20 years and believes that together high quality & value is what the consumer should expect, no less! That is our goal, so all of our candles are made in the USA and are solid poured and fragranced throughout. This brings you color and fragrance equally for the entire life of the candle.
Zebra Print Boxes
Pink Zebra candles are also ready to go as a gift with their fun pink zebra printed boxes and cute, sassy quotations inside.
Candles are a perfect way to accessorize a room. It will connect and complete a decorating theme and style. Use decorative colored candles on a coffee table, a seasonal centerpiece for your dining entertainment, and glowing smaller candles that add twinkle on top a fireplace mantel for a romantic evening. Don’t forget to give yourself a gift of relaxation in your tub by candle light using Pink Zebra Spa candles and adding herbaceous flavors to your kitchen with our Kitchen Apothecary collection.