Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pink Zebra Candle Business

Pink Zebra Candle Business Opportunity

Work at Home, Earn Extra Income, Candles & Fragrance Products

As a person wearing many hats: intelligent individual, mom, daughter, sister, friend, spouse and much more, you want personal satisfaction. That satisfaction comes from growing, learning, teaching, loving and happiness. Not to mention awesome home fragrancing.  Pink Zebra is a business that you can compliment all of those desires at your convience. It is about supporting your life plan of stay-at-home mom, furthering your education, or helping with a little extra money coming into the household. Its also is a perfect way to stay connected to your friends, community or the smart business side of you.

Pink Zebra Consultants

If you can answer yes to anyone of the questions below, then come join us. Be part of an excited group of people that are on a journey of a lifetime with our ground floor Home Fragrancing Company, PINK ZEBRA.
  • Are you a multi-tasker?
  • Do you want to be connected to the world?
  • Do you want to be part of or lead in something big?
  • Do you want to help others?
  • Do you need a flexible schedule that works from home?
  • Do you want extra cash?
  • Do you like to be recognized for your achievements?
  • Do you want Free Product?
It’s a natural fit… Pink Zebra, where you change your fragrance, change lives.

Start Your Business TODAY! We did...

Sandi Parkey – Executive Director, Joined November 2011
One year ago, I was a stay at home Mom looking for a “little something” to do! I had never been in direct sales before, but the business model was something that could work for me and allow me the freedom to work on my terms! I had researched direct sales enough to know that a successful company had to offer me three things: 1 - Consumable products. 2 - Unique products. 3 - Ground floor opportunity. The only company to meet all three criteria was Pink Zebra Home! I jumped right in and in less than a year, I am at the top of this company with a $2 MILLION business and an equally high income! Now my “little something” is a “HUGE something”! Are you looking for a “little something”?
Yvonne Cardona – Director, Joined November 2011
I was a young single mother of two, juggling three minimum paying jobs trying to keep a roof over our heads. I rented a small one bedroom attic apartment, barely able to afford it; we had no cable, phone, or car. I caught the bus with my children. Connecticut winters are cold and I would bundle them up and keep smiling while crying inside. I knew there had to be a better way. With encouragement from my friend’s mother and my boss, I applied to nursing school. I was accepted and graduated and then started a career as a Nurse for the prison system. I worked third shift so I could spend as much time with my children. They were active and I can so remember falling asleep during games and on field trip with my children to their embarrassment.
After 10 years of being a single mom, I got married and had another child. I wanted the opportunity to stay with her during her first year as I missed so much with the other two having to work outside the home. I came across Pink Zebra while searching the web for a direct sales company. I saw that for every $500 party they would support a single mom while her children were at daycare. I was blown away as I too remember those days of working just to pay daycare. I then loved that Pink Zebra uses soy in their candles and it just kept getting better. I joined sight unseen and when my kit arrived it was filled with everything I needed to get started and as I sampled everything I loved what I saw.
Pink Zebra has changed my life, my family’s life and everyone that this company touches. I have been able to resign from my nursing job and work Pink Zebra full time making a full time income on my time. I have met the most amazing men and women from across the U.S., been awarded trips I could not have afforded, and so much more. This has been life changing. I LOVE PINK ZEBRA! Go Team - MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Karen Cavagnuolo – Director, Joined December 2011 
I have been in direct sales industry for over 10 years. I can honestly say that nothing compares to success I have had with Pink Zebra. Joining this company has been one of the best decisions I have made. In just 9 short months I was able to reach one of the top levels with the company, Director. As a single mom, it was hard to make ends meet. It is such a nice feeling to be able to enjoy life’s extras, and with Pink Zebra I am now able to do that! I credit my daughter Jenna who encouraged me from the beginning to join. It is so nice to be able to involve her in this family business. She has become one of my greatest helpers.
I am so very thankful for my team of over 1,100 who I call the “Pink Dollar Divas.” I have made so many great friendships. It’s is truly a great feeling to watch as my team reaches their goals, and to be a part of their successes as well. Pink Zebra truly does change lives.
Chelsea Heinsch – Executive Consultant, Joined January 2012
After attending the FIRST Pink Zebra Family Reunion, I was hooked...I knew I could do anything I wanted with this company. Pink Zebra has changed my life in so many ways; not only has it given me confidence in myself from speaking to others about everything Pink Zebra has to offer, but I have also gained a lifelong family. I love Pink Zebra not only because of the relationships I’ve built, and the products, but because of our HEROES truly is an amazing feeling to be able to help others every day.
Maribel Andrea Alvarado – Manager, Joined July 2012
I joined Pink Zebra in July with the enthusiasm and drive to become a Manager, and I did it in October - just 3 months later. I love meeting people and talking to them about our fabulous products which is easy to do with a name like Pink Zebra. People always ask me “What is Pink Zebra?”